Looking to host an event at the most unique venues in Denver and Steamboat Springs?

Our team will do everything we can to ensure your special occasion is memorable. We believe that events should be well organized, with all details discussed ahead of time, so that the day of, you and your guests can relax and have fun!

LoHi - Denver

Private Event Accommodations

Main Dining Room Spacious and elegant yet casual dining space. Accommodates 64 guests for full service dining or 120 for cocktail receptions. 50-100 Guests
Back Porch Intimate and cozy designed to feel like a Southern back porch. Accommodates 30 guests for full service dining or 18 for speaker presentations. 50-100 Guests
Front Porch Lively street frontage linear space that works great for big tables. Accommodates 36 guests for full service dining or 60 for cocktail receptions. 50-100 Guests
Rooftop One of the most unique party spaces in Denver with a full bar, lots of greenery and flexible design that can accommodate a variety of party types. Accommodates 70 guests for full service dining or 120 for cocktail receptions. 50-100 Guests

Steamboat Springs

Private Event Accommodations

House Extraordinarily memorable, the LOW House can accommodate 150 for indoor/ outdoor cocktail receptions in the spring and fall. 50-150 Guests
Main Dining Room Accommodates 50 for full-service dining or 75 for cocktail receptions. 50-75 Guests
Emerald Room Exquisitely unique with a large dark oak table and crystal chandelier, the Emerald Room accommodates 12 for full-service dining. 12 Guests
Werner Room With a view of Mt. Werner, the Werner Room accommodates 14 for full-service dining. 14 Guests
Patio Dining The perfect spot for a summer or fall garden party, the patio and lawn accommodate 60 for cocktail receptions. 60 Guests

Let us bring a little southern charm to your next event.

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