Rachel Tonelson

Asst. General Manager

Rachel has managed to weave restaurant work through a lifetime of academic practice. A graduate of U Mass Amherst and Universiteit van Amsterdam, she has made people, and their place in society, her life’s work. Between studies, she spent time working at The Kitchen Cafe in Boulder, Colorado where her keen observations of humanity served her well.

Admittedly, Rachel has a slight obsession with cheese and feels strongly that everyone deserves a place at the table. She wants all guests to feel like themselves and enjoy their time at LOW. She attributes her love for the restaurant industry to a “relentless curiosity” of the world around her.

When asked about her hospitality philosophy, she deferred to the famous Southerner, William Faulkner, and his observation of Virginians as snobs: “A snob is someone who is so complete in himself and so satisfied with what he has that he needs nothing from anybody. That when a stranger comes up, he can accept that stranger on the stranger’s terms, provided only the stranger observe a few amenities of civilization. That’s what Virginians do. They never push at me. They want nothing of me. They will offer me their hospitality and they will accept me. All I have to do is just behave reasonably.”

And there you have Rachel in a nutshell: accepting, hospitable, and quite reasonable.

Rachel@lowrestaurant.com(720) 512-4168