Quinton Bennett: Beverage Director

Quinton Bennett

Quinton Bennett

A native Nebraskan, Quinton has spent over a decade behind the bar honing his craft. His quest to mix a perfect drink has led him aboard cruise ships in Alaska and to the remote location of Block Island. With stops in Boston, DC and Steamboat, Colorado, he knows his way around a cocktail.

In Steamboat he met Brian and Katy Vaughn and began working at their fine dining establishment, bistro c.v. Over his four year tenure, he took command of the beverage program, creating popular cocktails and managing the all too popular request for drinks that were “not too sweet.” In 2014, he moved to Denver to begin working at the newly minted Mercantile Dining & Provision. There, he took his skills to the next level  by making his own ginger beer, tonic, cordials, and grenadine. He even went on to win a cocktail competition, beating out 800 entries.

After all of this on the job education, he knows the best cocktail is the one that is well-balanced. Today, he strives to make cocktails that are both refreshing and interesting so that his patrons will want to keep drinking.

Quinton believes hospitality comes down to smiling, knowing your product, anticipating his guests needs, and being a dependable member of a restaurant team.

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